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Health Check

What is a health check?

A health and lifestyle check is an assessment of you general health to highlight any risk factors you might have and advice around how you could lessen those risks.

As part of the check our pharmacist will:

  • Ask you some simple questions about your lifestyle
  • Measure your, Blood pressure, Heart rate, Cholesterol, Blood Glucose& Body mass index (BMI)

Why should I have a health check?

We recommend you fast for twelve hours before the test to get an accurate blood glucose and cholesterol reading. We recommend you wear a short-sleeved top, as it’s easier to get an accurate blood pressure reading if there are no clothes affecting the blood flow on the site being measured. We recommend you rest for at least five minutes beforehand to get an accurate blood pressure reading.


Blood Pressure
High blood pressure also called hypertension, if not treated or kept under control it is one of the major risk factors for heart disease and stroke.

If high blood pressure is left untreated for a long time, it can also lead to kidney failure and even damage your sight. However, many people don’t know they have it because it doesn’t usually cause any obvious symptoms, gaining it the nickname the ‘silent killer’. That’s why all healthy adults over 40 should have their blood pressure checked at least every five years.


Low blood pressure
Low blood pressure might need investigation. At a low level oxygen and nutrients carried by the blood may not be reaching all the body’s tissues. This may lead to symptoms such as fainting, dizziness, blackouts or confusion.



Too much cholesterol in your blood presents a major risk of developing a cardiovascular disease (CVD), which include angina, stroke and heart attack.

Only a blood test will tell you if your cholesterol levels are raised. We can check your total cholesterol level with a a quick and painless

What exactly will the check tell me?

Process that involves taking a one large drop of blood from the finger tip which is then tested in a machine. If your cholesterol is high we can advise on how to reduce it or suggest a referral to your GP.


Blood Glucose

A blood glucose test is one of the main components in the diagnosis of diabetes.

Our pharmacists can quickly and painlessly measure your blood glucose level, and provide you with on the spot and accurate results.

While this is a screening test, we are unable to make a diagnosis of diabetes. If your glucose level is identified as high, you will be referred to your GP.


Body Mass Index (BMI)

BMI is a measure of the amount of weight you carry for your height. A high BMI carries a risk for heart disease and diabetes, especially if there are other risk factors present.


Lifestyle & Diet Assessment

This will help establish if there are any lifestyle and diet related health risks you should be aware of and what you can do to lessen them.

How can your Hickey's Pharmacist help?

Our pharmacist will help you by developing a tailor-made health improvement plan.

High blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and other conditions can be successfully treated with medication and lifestyle changes. Our pharmacist is here to speak to you in private and help to gain maximum benefit from your treatment and to give you practical advice and support to help reduce your risk.

We also have lots of other services to keep you well and in control.


Lifestyle Changes

Our pharmacist can assess your lifestyle and recommend any changes that can help improve your cholesterol and general health.


Weight Management

Ensuring you maintain a healthy BMI will reduce your risk of developing many diseases. Our pharmacists can check your BMI and suggests ways to keep it within a healthy range.


Smoking Cessation

Quitting smoking is one of the best things you can do to improve your health and our pharmacists can help you do this.


Medicines Review

We can provide you with a review of your medicines to help you take the right doses at the right time and discuss any possible side effects.


Repeat Prescription

We can have your prescriptions ready in advance so you can save time when collecting your prescriptions.


Winter Flu Vaccine

You may be at risk of developing the flu. Ask our pharmacist if the vaccine is recommended for you.

A Hickeys Pharmacy Health Check costs €40. Appointments are required for this service. To find your nearest Hickeys Pharmacy click here.