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Inhaler Technique

What is an inhaler?

Inhalers are used to treat the symptoms of asthma. Two types of inhaler are available; reliever and preventer.

Reliever inhalers are taken to immediately relieve asthma symptoms. They quickly relax the muscles surrounding the narrowed airways, allowing the airways to open wider, making it easier to breathe again.

Preventer inhalers control the swelling and inflammation in the airways, stopping them from being sensitive to trigger factors and reducing the risk of severe attacks. Not all asthmatics will be prescribed preventer medication. The preventative effect builds up over time so they need to be taken every day (usually morning and evening) even when you are feeling well. Preventer inhalers do not give immediate or quick relief when you are breathless but instead they reduce long-term inflammation. Preventer inhalers usually contain a low dose of steroid medicine.

How does it work?

Our pharmacists can provide excellent support and advice on the correct technique of using your inhaler and managing your asthma medication. Using an inhaler is very effective, because inhaling the medicine takes it straight into your lungs.

Unfortunately, many people are unsure of the correct technique for using their inhaler. When used incorrectly medication does not get to the lungs, where it is needed.

Call into one of our stores and the pharmacist team will be happy to help you with your inhaler technique to ensure you are getting the optimum result from your medicine.


Why is proper inhaler technique important?

Although there is no cure for asthma, there are some excellent medicines available to help you to control your asthma so that is does not interfere with your daily life.

It is important that you take your asthma medicine properly and that your doctor, pharmacist or asthma nurse has explained how to use inhalers properly so that every dose you take gives you the most benefit.