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Kiss Masterpiece Lash Pret-A-Porter

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The world's finest lashes are here! KISS Lash Couture Masterpiece False Eyelashes exceed the softness, luster, and beauty of genuine mink. Style 'Prêt-À-Porter' has a plain weave with a light interwoven lash design that flares out to an airy volume.
1. Using tweezers, gently grip the band of one cluster and lift off of tray.2. Dip the band portion into lash adhesive; do not saturate.(both strip lash adhesive and individual lash adhesive can be used.)3. Starting from outer corner of eye, place the band as close to your natural lash line as possible. Repeat with additional lash clusters, until you achieve desired effect.
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Product Name Kiss Masterpiece Lash Pret-A-Porter
Product ID E273873
Brand Kiss