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Our Processing Activities

Customers join our rewards offers to gain great benefits and rewards, and we aim to make these as relevant to you as we can. To do so, we need your personal information. If you are a member of our rewards Card scheme, we will build up a picture of you based on your use of Allcare services. This includes your online and offline shopping habits, your browsing habits, information you give us about yourself and any information you provide about your family. By building up and fine-tuning this picture of you, we can provide you with tailored offers that are exciting and relevant to you. These might be sent to you via email, post, our websites, or apps, or via online advertising. Please note that we only send you marketing material if you have agreed that we can.  

The table below sets out the purpose for which we collect your Personal Data, our lawful basis for doing so, and the Personal Data that we collect.  

In limited circumstance we may need to use your Personal Data for purposes other than those stated when we collected the Personal Data. Should this happen, we will notify you of this new purpose. 

Purpose of Processing  

For the purposes of this Customer rewards Card Services Data Protection Statement, Customer Rewards include:

  • Operation of a loyalty scheme  
  • Gathering data of purchases by members  
  • Management of points awarded to members 
  • Development and management of member preference data    
  • Management of Loyalty Scheme contact preferences