DATA PROTECTION: Hickey’s Pharmacy owns and operates the ‘Rewards at Hickey’s’ customer rewards card scheme for customers of Hickey’s Pharmacy. The scheme involves the gathering of personal data of participating customers for the purpose of administering the scheme and providing the scheme benefits to customers, marketing and business analysis. The Data Controller for the ‘Rewards at Hickey’s’ scheme is Hickey’s Pharmacy (also referred to as the Promoter). The information on this registration form will be retained by Lorgan Technologies Ltd. T/A Azpiral, the registered Data Processor, operating for the ‘Rewards at Hickey’s’ scheme. This information as well as details of transactions made with the rewards card will be retained. Personal data supplied Hickey’s Pharmacy (eg. name, email, telephone number) by a member through the registration form or otherwise during the registration process will only be processed by Lorgan Technologies Ltd. T/A Azpiral and the Data Controller. No personal data will be divulged to any third parties (outside of Hickey’s Pharmacy or its data processors). You have the right to request a copy of your data currently held, and to rectify or remove personal details, by contacting 01 857 9198 or emailing


  1. ​Your rewards card is valid at Hickey’s Pharmacies exclusively. Anyone over 18 years of age who registers their details can join. All rewards cards remain the property of Hickey’s Pharmacy. Your rewards card is for your personal use – additional cards cannot be provided for your account – however, friends and family may apply for a card of their own. Hickey’s Pharmacy can cancel, withdraw or alter the scheme, including these terms and conditions, or any individual Rewards at Hickey’s card, at any time. Hickey’s Pharmacy can take any action it considers appropriate if it has reason to believe that you are abusing the scheme. 2.​ Points can only be saved while making a purchase. Therefore, your Rewards at Hickey’s card must be presented to the cashier at the checkout whilst making a purchase. 3.​1 Points will be awarded for every €1 you spend in-store. You can redeem your points at any time as a discount against your purchase directly at checkouts. Points cannot be spent (or accumulated) on prescription items, infant milks, gift cards, saving stamps and the plastic bag levy. 4.​ 1 point is worth 1 cent to spend on products in-store. Rewards points cannot be redeemed for cash and points cannot be spent to purchase gift cards. You will not qualify for points on any item you pay for with points. The total number of points will be deducted from your card. If you decide to return a product which you bought with card, cash or cheque, the points will be deducted from your rewards card that you collected from the purchase of that product.
  2. ​Hickey’s Pharmacy may vary the periods of when points may be saved or redeemed. Points will be accumulated on every purchase – excluding restricted items.
  3. ​Products may be excluded at the discretion of the Promoter or by operation of law. 7.​ The Promoter reserves the right to reject any rewards card it deems has been tampered with.
  4. ​The Promoter’s decision shall be final and binding in all matters regarding Rewards at Hickey’s. 9.​ Your Rewards at Hickey’s card is not a credit, payment or cheque guarantee card.
  5. ​The Promoter will remove Reward Card points from accounts that have been inactive for 12 months or more, or have been closed.