With Hickey’s Pharmacy, I always felt that the opportunities are there for anyone who wants them. There is so much training you can do through the company, but they also encourage you to use your own initiative.

Ailbhe started working with Hickey’s Pharmacy in 2016 as a Pharmacy Healthcare Advisor in our Maynooth store and it did not take her long to show her enthusiasm for her role and caring for our customers.

“I like the teamwork in the store. Helping our customers is really rewarding. I have enjoyed getting to know our customers and helping them with their healthcare needs.”

When a new team member joins Hickey’s Pharmacy, there is an induction programme that all new starters participate in. Having been nominated to be an induction buddy Ailbhe, spent time in our support office to learn how best to support new employees during their first few days in store and has been a great support in welcoming new team members to Hickey’s.

In addition to the regular training in-store, Ailbhe was encouraged to attend training days for Vichy, and vitamins as well as dispensary training which led to a pharmacy technician course.

“Hickey’s Pharmacy provide absolutely fantastic training opportunities! Not only did this help with product knowledge, but I found the training days very enjoyable. I also completed basic dispensary training, which gave me insight into working as a pharmacy technician.”

I was actively encouraged to think about myself in the company long-term. I expressed an interest in the dispensary and was encouraged to apply for the technician course through Hickey’s Pharmacy, so that I could work and study at the same time.

The technician course is a two year long training programme that provides in depth knowledge about medicines and healthcare to provide support to the Pharmacist in the dispensary.

Not only is Ailbhe currently working through her technician training, she has also decided to undergo a Pharmacy degree in Cork. Currently, she works in both our Maynooth and Ballincollig stores to accommodate her university schedule.

When I found out that I had the opportunity to study Pharmacy, Hickey’s were 100% supportive, and gave me a position close to campus so that I could continue my technician course. My manager in Ballincollig has been particularly supportive. My experience working in store and beginning the technician course has helped me with my studies, as well as encouraging me to take on this Pharmacy course in the first place.

Ailbhe’s passion for healthcare has carried her through her education and professional career. We are delighted to have her as a part of our team and support her in her journey.


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