Why may I need to be vaccinated?

If you’re planning to travel outside Ireland you may need to be vaccinated before you leave. These vaccinations can help protect you against some of the serious diseases that are found in other parts of the world.

Whilst we have a childhood vaccination programme in Ireland that protects against a number of diseases (including tetanus, diphtheria and polio), the vaccinations don’t cover most of the infectious disease that are found overseas.

When you need to be vaccinated will depend on where you are going and what diseases are present in the country, or countries, that you are visiting.

What is it

How does the Hickey’s Pharmacy Travel Vaccination Service Work?

  • Select which Hickey’s Pharmacy you would like to attend
  • Complete a travel consultation with your doctor*
  • Attend your selected pharmacy to have the vaccines administered

Your prescriber will need to issue a prescription for the vaccines you need with an instruction for a pharmacist to administer.


Consultation with Your Doctor

You can complete the travel consultation with a doctor of your choosing. If you want to choose an online Doctor we will provide links to online Doctors who we know provide a travel consultation service. Currently MyClinic offer a travel consultation for €35. You will begin by completing an online questionnaire. A qualified doctor will then review the information you have provided, and will call you before prescribing the most appropriate vaccines.

You can ask the online doctor to send the prescription directly to your chosen Hickey’s pharmacy.

What Vaccines do I Need?

It will depend on where you are travelling and what activities you plan on doing when you are there. Fitfortravel is an excellent resource for travellers which is kept up to date by the NHS in Scotland: https://www.fitfortravel.nhs.uk/ . It has up to date health information and vaccine advice about travel destinations and will help you plan for your trip. The consultation with your doctor will establish which vaccines you will need, but remember to plan ahead as some vaccines take several weeks after they are given to become effective. Ideally, you should try to get your vaccinations six to eight weeks before travelling.

On the Day

Because we will have received your prescription in advance the vaccinating Pharmacist will have everything ordered in and ready for your appointment. You will need to stay in the pharmacy for 15 minutes after your vaccinations, just in case you have any immediate side effects.

Where is the Travel Vaccination Service Available?

  • Dublin: Grafton St, Dublin 2
  • Dublin: Henry St, Dublin 1
  • Dublin: Phibsborough Shopping Centre, Dublin 7
  • Dublin: Harold’s Cross, Dublin 6W
  • Dublin: Finglas West, Dublin 11
  • Cork: Castlewest Shopping Centre, Ballincollig
  • Dundalk: Tesco Shopping Centre
  • Drogheda: West St
  • Navan: Johnstown Shopping Centre
  • Maynooth: Manor Mills Shopping Centre
  • Newbridge: Main St
  • Gorey: Gorey Shopping Centre

Vaccinations and Pricing

Please note that the prices below are for the vaccinations. You will need to pay the Doctor separately for the Doctor consultation.


Prices subject to change. Prices correct as of 26th June 2019.

*Due to worldwide shortages of certain vaccines there may be a problem sourcing some vaccines at this time. Please contact the pharmacy team for more information.

Request a Travel Vaccine Appointment