Why do you need to see the original prescription?

It is a Regulatory requirement that the Pharmacist must review the original script and stamp it. We can keep your prescription safely on file for future orders.

What is the difference between a new prescription & a repeat prescription?

A new prescription is a prescription that has not been previously dispensed in the pharmacy. A repeat prescription is a partly used prescription. To save you having to present the prescription each time we can securely hold it on file.

I’ve made an order on the App and not heard anything?

Please check your messages in the App inbox. If it’s outside of store opening hours, the store will notify you when they re-open.

If you still haven’t received a notification, please contact the store. There is a one touch call button on the top right corner of the App so you can call your local store.

I made a mistake with my order, what should I do?

Please contact the store as soon as possible. There is a one touch call button on the top right corner of the App so you can call your local store.

How do I order for someone else?

Please go to the Profile section on the App. Add Patient and enter their details. When ordering, please use the dropdown menu to select the patient name.

I have a medical card, can I use the App?

Yes, you can order your prescription on the App.

It’s Sunday and I need my prescription – can you help?

Please check the store opening hours in Store details. Many of our pharmacies are open 7 days a week and some have Late Night opening.

Why do I sometimes need to come into the store to meet the pharmacist whereas other months I don’t?

Regulations require the Pharmacist to review the original prescription. We can keep it safely on file so the pharmacist can review without you being present.

I’ve always used another pharmacy. Isn’t it difficult to move my prescription to Hickey’s?

No, all you need to do is present your original prescription to the Hickey’s pharmacist.

I’m buying/collecting a prescription on behalf of a family member. Can I do this through the app?

Yes, you can add family members to your profile and order and collect on their behalf.


Where is express delivery available

When ordering, if your local store offers express delivery you will be given the option to select express delivery after you have entered the details of what you are ordering. Stores offering express delivery can deliver within a 10km radius of the store.

My local Hickey’s Pharmacy is more than 10km from my preferred delivery address, what can I do?

Please contact your local store. They may be able to transfer your prescription and arrange delivery.

Does it have to be delivered to my home address?

No, you will be given the option to enter the address you would like your order delivered to.

Can all medicines be delivered?

Unfortunately not all medicines are suitable for delivery. Our Pharmacist will contact you if your medicine is not suitable for delivery.

What will my medicine be delivered in?

Your order will be sent in plain, unbranded, tamper proof packaging by the delivery company.

I want to get my prescription delivered, but want to be able to chat with the pharmacist too. Can I do this?

Yes, when placing your order on the app, just tick the box requesting the pharmacist to call.


Why do you need an email address

We require your email so we can confirm your registration on the App, send you details if you need to re-set your password and email you a copy of your receipt if you are using the Click & Collect or Delivery service.

Why can’t I use the same email address twice?

The email address for each registration needs to be unique. You can add multiple members on your profile if you have permission to order on their behalf.