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We all experience pain at some point. Pain is usually short lived (acute) and is a sign of something that has happened in the body e.g. a cut finger, muscle injury. Sometimes pain can occur for longer periods (chronic pain) i.e. longer than 12 weeks. This type of pain usually requires referral to a GP or other specialist. At Hickey’s, we have a range of options to alleviate the commonly encountered types of pain such as tension headache, migraine, toothache, muscular pains and backache, period pain and relief of aches and pains of cold & flu.

  • Nurofen Express Max – This fast-acting ibuprofen medication requires just one tablet for fast efficient pain relief.

  • Panadol Range – This trusted brand of paracetamol gives gentle relief from the symptoms of pain. The range includes the ‘Acitfast’ version which absorbs twice as fast as standard paracetamol and Panadol Night, suitable where night-time pain prevents sleeping.

  • Solpa-Extra – A soluble fast acting pain reliever with a double action formula of paracetamol and caffeine.

  • Diclac Gel – This topical preparation relieves pain and inflammation of muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments as well as soft tissue rheumatism.

When Should I be Concerned about Pain?

  • Headache that is severe or recurrent (especially if you have never had this previously investigated)

  • Headache where there is any partial or complete loss of vision, even only for a brief period, paralysis or weakness in one or both arms, or slurred/garbled speech

  • Headache with high temperature, stiff neck, confusion and non-blanching rash

  • If you suspect a heart attack; chest pain that feels like the chest is being pressed by a heavy object. The pain may radiate to the jaw, neck, arms and back. Especially if accompanied by shortness of breath, feeling weak and anxious

  • Suspected appendicitis, worsening abdominal pain which becomes constant and severe

  • Any severe or worsening tummy pain

  • Prolonged pain of any sort should always be seen by a doctor

Living with Chronic Pain

Some practical approaches can help you to cope with chronic pain. These include:

  • Reduce stress in your life – this can worsen chronic pain

  • Learn deep breathing or meditation to help with relaxation

  • Exercise to beat pain – choose an activity that won’t put too much strain on you

  • Enjoy life and stay busy with work or study – you are less likely to become depressed

  • Occupational therapy, physiotherapy or other alternative therapies e.g. acupuncture may provide additional relief

  • Know when to use your prescription or over-the-counter painkillers. Ask your pharmacist or GP for further advice

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