What is First Aid?

First Aid is where help or care is given to a sick or injured person. This care will often be given at home or in the workplace as these are where accidents or injury most commonly occur. It is therefore important to have easy access to a good, well-stocked First Aid kit at home, in the car, sports club and at work. It will generally be stored in a green or red box with a cross on it, so making it easy to identify in an emergency.

When will it be useful?

  • Treating cuts or grazes
  • Treating muscle strains or sprains
  • Washing out the eyes or a wound in an emergency
  • Treatment of minor burns or scalds
  • Putting pressure on a wound before treatment at A&E

Handy First Aid Tips

  • Always know where your First Aid kit is stored.
  • Check the contents their expiry dates regularly
  • A painful burn should be run under a cold tap immediately for 20 minutes. A Burnshield emergency dressing or Burnshield hydogel can be applied to area when running water is not an option.
  • Burns on young children & infants, burns on the hands, face or genitals, or, large burns (bigger than a €2 coin) require medical attention.
  • Bleeding should stop quickly after a dressing/plaster is applied. Apply pressure to area if bleeding is slow to stop. If not seek medical help
  • If somebody appears seriously injured phone 112 or press the “Emergency Calls” button on your mobile phone. Do not hesitate to get help.
  • Learn CPR. It saves lives every day!

What should be in your First Aid kit?

  • Scissors
  • Gloves
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Tweezers
  • Plasters (assorted)
  • Sterile dressings & tape
  • Bandages (triangular & crepe)
  • Saline wound wash
  • Antiseptic wipes
  • Eye wash (Optrex eye wash) and eye dressings (at least 2)
  • Burn relief gel or Burn dressing (Burnshield Hydrogel/Burncare dressing)
  • Hot/Cold pack
  • List of relevant emergency contacts

*Please note this list is not exhaustive

Other useful items to have on hand include:

  • Anthisan cream/Cortopin cream (Hydrocortisone 1%) cream for insect bites, rashes etc
  • Paracetamol for adults e.g. Panadol*
  • Paracetamol for children Calpol, Calpol Six Plus*
  • Thermometer
  • CPR mask

*When taking paracetamol always read the label before use.

Why not call into your local Hickey’s Pharmacy for more advice and First Aid products?