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The common cold is a mild, viral infection affecting adults and children (more frequently). Colds usually develop slowly and symptoms can last up to two weeks and may include blocked or runny nose, scratchy sore throat, headache and cough.

Whilst many of the symptoms of Influenza are the same as colds, they appear quickly, are usually more severe and sometimes life threatening. You may also experience fever, muscle soreness and gastrointestinal symptoms. A bout of flu can leave you feeling very weak for 7 -10 days and may be very dangerous for at risk patients

At Hickeys you can avail of our Seasonal Flu Vaccination Service without an appointment.

We also have a range of products available that provide symptomatic relief from colds including:

  • Benylin 4 Flu –provides relief of all of the main symptoms of cold and flu, aids restful sleep
  • Difflam Spray – for effective relief from sore throat
  • Viscolex cough syrup – breaks up phlegm allowing you to cough easier
  • Sona Revital C – Banish those colds and flu’s by boosting your vitamin C levels

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