18 Jan 2019

Vitamins & Probiotics for Children

January is a challenging time for us all. The weather is cold, the mornings are dark and the flu virus is heading towards its peak. Children often find January tough with a lot of coughs, colds and viruses in the classroom and the creche. You can help boost your child’s health with vitamin and probiotic supplements this winter. We have a few favourite products that we recommend to parents to keep their small ones healthy and full of vitality:

Swedish Nutra Kids Multivitamin

This liquid multivitamin is easy to take and has a nice orange flavor. The vitamin contains 25 active ingredients that are essential for the growth and development of children. It contains vitamins A, C, D and E, zinc and CoQ10 to promote resistance, support protein production and muscles and contribute to the brain development.

Sona Multiplus

This specially formulated orange flavour multivitamin liquid with added Iron and Zinc, provides everything a child needs for immune support and development. It contains Vitamin C that is important for a child’s immune system, Vitamin B for energy and concentration and Zinc for its immunity boosting properties. A once daily dose with breakfast is the ideal way to start the day. Sona Multiplus is suitable from 3 years upwards.

Vivioptal Junior

Children are very energetic and grow rapidly, so extra demands are placed on their nutritional requirements. Vivioptal Junior provides 12 vitamins and 6 minerals at appropriate levels for children. We often recommend this for kids who are “picky” eaters or are recovering from illness as it has been shown to stimulate appetite. Vivioptal Junior also contains Vitamin D which is vital for bone growth and health, especially with our lack of winter sunlight in Ireland which leaves our Vitamin D levels very low. This product is suitable from 12 months of age with a once daily dosage of 5mls at breakfast time.

Revive Active (Junior & Teen)

Revive Active is an Irish vitamin range for children from 5 years upwards. It comes in an unflavoured sachet that can be added to the child’s favourite drink or food, so making it easier to take. One sachet a day will provide for children’s needs for their developing immune systems, concentration levels, bone development and strength and overall health. Revive Active also contains Wellmune which provides probiotics for gut health and vitality. The sachets are also sugar free.

Bio-Kult Infantis

Probiotics are relatively new to us in Ireland, but their projected health benefits are proving to be very impressive.* Bio-Kult Infantis* is one of the top probiotics for kids available. It contains 7 strains of good bacteria strains, Vitamin D which is vital for kids and Omega 3 oil. It comes in a 1g sachet that maybe added to yoghurts or drinks for babies, toddlers and children. It can provide benefits all year round, but maybe especially effective for use in children after a course of antibiotics, those who suffer with thrush or whose immune systems are struggling in the winter.


Sambucol is made with black elderberries and provides a boost for kid’s immune systems. It does this through its high levels of Vitamin C and Zinc in the liquid. Both are vital for a healthy immune system and help fight infection when the inevitable cough or cold takes hold in January. It provides a natural high dose of antioxidants which are hugely important for the immune system. The Sambucol range gives the option of a pleasantly tasting liquid or Kid’s Gummies, both of which are very popular with children. Sambucol liquid is safe for use from 12 months of age, while the Gummies are used from 4 years upwards.

Don’t hesitate to visit your local Hickey’s Pharmacy and seek advice from one our trained team members.