06 May 2021

Upgrade your glucose meter for free at Hickey’s

If you’re diabetic, visit your local Hickey’s Pharmacy this month for a free meter upgrade!

Upgrade to the Contour® XT or the Contour® Next One smart meter (which integrates with a free smartphone app) to help you manage your diabetes. The meters use the Contour Next blood glucose strips - which are approved for reimbursement on the medical card and long term illness scheme.

The free upgrade is available to new and existing patients.

Contour XT

The Contour XT meter is a simple to use meter providing quick blood glucose results. It allows second chance sampling which gives you a second chance of up to 60 seconds to apply more blood to the same test strip. This reduces test strip wastage and repeated finger pricking.

Contour Next One Smart Meter

With recent advances in smart phone technology, selected blood glucose meters can now integrate with a smartphone app to help the management of diabetes.

The simple to use Contour Next One integrates with the free Contour Diabetes App. Blood glucose readings are automatically uploaded to your smart phone and over time where the results may create meaningful insights into what affects your blood glucose levels. This meter also allows second chance sampling.

Call into your local Hickey’s Pharmacy and ask your pharmacist for a free upgrade today*!

*subject to availability, only for people with diabetes.