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Top Tips For Hay fever

Top Tips For Hay fever



The brighter evenings are upon us and the sun is starting to shine, but this time of the year can be a time of dread for most people in Ireland, the dreaded pollen starts to appear which can cause Hay Fever.


Hay fever is an allergic reaction that happens when the nose and/or eyes are exposed to environmental allergens like pollen, airborne molds, or dust mites. For many hay fever sufferers, prevention can be better than the cure. Starting preventative care like taking a daily antihistamine such as Zitrease , Telfast, or Lorat from March onwards is a beneficial way to prevent severe allergies. For those who suffer with symptoms daily, it may be worth using combination treatment - a preventer nasal spray, eye drops & an antihistamine tablet. Visit your locak Hickey's Pharmacy for advice on products to suit you.


Probiotics can also be helpful for those who suffer with allergies. Lactobacillus Casei has been shown to reduce the immune response in hay fever and it can also beneficially alter the balance of pollen-specific antibodies in the blood, which can lead to a reduction of symptoms. This ingredient can be found in most probiotics such as Bio Kult and Udo’s Choice Super 8. A healthy gut can help mediate the body’s reaction to an allergen. Certain foods can help reduce seasonal allergy symptoms such as fatty fish, flaxseed, broccoli, oranges, peppers and strawberries.


Allergy sufferers can experience sneezing, sniffling, congestion, and itchy skin problems. In fact, skin conditions such as eczema and hives can be linked with seasonal allergies. Puffiness and dark circles around the eyes are also a frequent hallmark of allergy sufferers. It is beneficial to use the right skin care at this time of the year to offer relief of symptoms.

Ranges such as La Roche Posay Toleriane range are designed to hydrate and sooth sensitive, reactive and allergic skin. The Toleriane range provides daily care to calm and protect even the most sensitive skin, for immediate and long-lasting relief that reduces sensitivity over time. Airtight packaging along with fragrance free, alcohol free formulations with minimal ingredients limit the risk of allergies. Toleriane was awarded the Seal of Approval from Allergy UK. Toleriane ultra eyes is a favourite with those experiencing eye discomfort. This eye cream soothes the eye area and is completely safe to put on the lid area, reduces the puffiness and redness of the eye. Toleriane is the soothing blanket your reactive skin needs.

You can help control your symptoms this allergy season by following some simple everyday tips:

  • Try putting a hayfever balm or vaseline around the nose area.
  • Dry your clothes inside where possible.
  • Keep your bedroom & car window closed.
  • Shower or wash your face and hands when coming in from being outside. Hayfever wipes (Nuage) are great for those on the go. You can bring them in the car, pop them in your handbag or kids school bags. The simple act of wiping away any possible pollen or allergens is effective to prevent your allergies getting the better of you this season.

When searching for advice or help this allergy season be sure to call in and talk to one of our friendly healthcare professionals or phone your local Hickeys Pharmacy. For those with more severe symptoms, our Online Doctor can provide a prescription anti-histamine instead for only €20! 

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2023-04-07 13:20:00
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