03 Sep 2018

Sensitive Skin

What causes sensitive skin?

Several factors contribute to sensitive skin including weather, allergies and even genetics. Whether it’s a daily burden, or you’re suffering from an unexpected outbreak, fear not, there are many treatment options available. To understand how to treat skin sensitivity, we must first understand the cause. Sensitive skin signals irritation in the nerve-endings on the top of the skin. This can produce redness, dryness, flaky patches and blemishes. When the skin’s natural barrier becomes comprised, skincare products from your normal routine may cause further irritation. Now you can pinpoint the visual signs of sensitivity, how can you control it?

How can you treat sensitive skin?

Unfortunately, sensitive skin can never be ‘healed’, but you can counteract stressful (and sometimes painful) irritation by ensuring your skin remains cleansed and hydrated. Whether you are looking to tame your eczema, control your psoriasis, or hydrate dry skin, using a brand that specifically caters to your skin’s needs is the first step.

What products work best for sensitive skin?

Are you looking for a range of products to soothe sensitive skin that can also be used on all the family? La Roche Posay’s Lipikar range and CeraVe are both great options. They both offer a full range of high quality products that can be integrated into your daily routine.

La Roche Posay’s Lipikar range takes many forms, like Baume, for dry and eczema prone skin, Sydnet, a body wash for delicate skin and Xerand, that helps to ease dry, irritated hands. Other products in the range include cleansing oils and an on-the-go stick lotion formula. The Lipikar range can work wonders for those looking to incorporate non-evasive products into their day to day routines.

To control highly sensitive skin, you can try CeraVe. This range caters to those looking to nourish severe cases of sensitivity, like eczema, psoriasis and painful dryness. It markets itself as skincare developed with dermatologists, so you know it has everything your skin needs. If you’re looking for advanced skincare without the prescription, CeraVe’s range of cleansers, moisturisers and healing lotions are the first defence against sensitivity induced irritation.

Whether it’s an addition to your daily routine, or a specialty product for a particular skin type, MooGoo is the jack of all trades. Products range from hair and scalp treatments, sunscreens and baby-orientated products, to serums and oils. Stand-out products in the range cater to specific skin types looking to manage sensitivity. For example, exfoliating can be a problem when your skin is sensitive. If you can’t face the harsh abrasive ingredients of a regular exfoliator, give MooGoo’s Gentle Exfoliating Powder a try. Buff away the day without compromising your delicate skin. A great option for mature skin comes in the form of the anti-aging face cream, a great solution for those looking to minimise fine lines but can’t handle the harsh chemicals and plumping agents that many anti-aging treatments contain.

What if you’re just suffering from temporary bout of sensitivity? For this you can turn to a household favourite—E45. This skincare brand acts as a saving grace for those facing particularly tough periods of skin sensitivity. Products contain emollients that retain moisture, so you can rest assured that your skin will be nourished and hydrated deep down, where it needs it.

If you’re facing a breakout of skin sensitivity, or you’re looking for products to work into your daily skincare routine, there’s a brand and a product out there for you. Please feel free to speak to a member of the Hickey’s Pharmacy team about your skincare needs.

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