07 Dec 2017

Rapid Sore Throat Test

Hickey’s Pharmacy are now offering Rapid Sore Throat testing in all our stores. The test determines if you have viral or bacterial infection. If you have a viral infection it can be treated with over the counter medicines such as Difflam and Strepsils, however, if you have a bacterial infection you may need to visit you GP who will prescribe you antibiotics.

The test is quick and can be done in store without appointment. Our pharmacist will first ask you some basic questions about your sore throat, following this they will examine you and finally conduct a swap test on your tonsils. If the swap test is positive for Strep A, the main cause for bacterial infections, our pharmacist will refer you to your doctor. If the test is negative for Strep A our pharmacist will recommend the best over the counter treatment for you.

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