26 May 2017

Pharmacist Conference

2017 Building for the Future Conference

‘Building for the Future’ was our annual pharmacist conference for 2017. As an organisation, we have seen many changes in our business, some challenging. Such challenges can be viewed as the opportunity for creative response. Indeed, it is “the ability to respond to upcoming changes that defines future proofing” (Maria Christina Georgiadou). But change also asks us to provide leadership. Our 2017 conference was aimed at our non-supervising group of pharmacists, many of whom are still relatively new to their own pharmacy careers. We hoped that attendees would take away some building blocks that will help frame their career progression within their respective roles. There was an emphasis on ‘the future’ and ‘the team’, and how our pharmacist group can contribute to the direction of the teams they work in, through effective communication and leadership. On the day, we have several contributors; some of whom brought educational pieces regarding current/future pharmacy matters e.g. High Tech medicines and Emergency Hormonal Contraception. We have also placed an emphasis on personal well-being and soft skills development enabling these newer team members to effectively navigate their environment, work well with others, perform well, and achieve their goals while complementing their core/technical skills.

Our key note speaker on the day was Dr. Rhona Mahony the Consultant Obstetrician/Gynaecologist, and the Master of the National Maternity Hospital Holles St. Dublin. Rhona holds a complex role in which she is a clinician and a manager in a busy maternity hospital that sees nine thousand births annually. Rhona explained the nature of the Mastership role; juggling management with clinical care. She spoke about complex working environments and the issues that impact patient care. She discussed teamwork, leadership ,the importance of clear lines of communication and how we must “focus our compass” on what really matters.