20 Sep 2017

Get your Flu Vaccination

Hickey’s Pharmacy offers the flu vaccination without an appointment at a time that suits you! Plus if you fall into an at risk category you may be eligible to receive the vaccination for free.

It is important to get the vaccination every year if you are at risk, as the flu strains covered every year differ.

If you are a carer it is important that you not only arrange prevention for the person you are caring for but also yourself to ensure the virus does not make it into the home.

Those who are pregnant are encouraged to also get the vaccination to protect both themselves and the unborn child. The vaccine can be given at any stage of pregnancy and you are advised to get it as early as possible.

Other at-risk groups include anyone 65 and over, anyone suffering from a long-term illness, persons with a BMI over 40, healthcare workers and carers of at risk people, residents of nursing homes and other long stay institutions, anyone who regularly comes into close contact with poultry, water fowl or pigs and household contacts of persons with increased medical risk.

Many myths surround the flu vaccination and many are untrue, the most repeated one is that you can contract the flu from the vaccination. While it is possible that you may experience some mild cold like symptoms following the vaccination you will not get the flu. Paracetamol can be taken to relieve any symptoms. Our pharmacy staff will ask that you stay in store for 15 min following the injection to ensure you do not suffer any major side effects, though this is extremely rare.

If you are feeling unwell it is advised to wait until you are recovered before getting the vaccination, if in doubt please consult with one of our pharmacists.

All our pharmacists who administer the vaccination are fully trained and will be able to advice you on any concerns you may have about the vaccination. If you have any allergies you can also check with our staff.

Don’t put it off. Get vaccinated today.

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