05 Sep 2017

Charity Partner 2017/ 2018 - Aware

Hickey’s Pharmacy have announced mental health charity Aware as its charity partner for 2017/2018.

Through the charity partnership with Aware, Hickey’s Pharmacy aim to support the programmes and services Aware deliver and promote positive mental health to local communities. Hickey’s Pharmacy play an integral role in the communities they serve, working alongside GP’s and other healthcare professionals. Hickey’s Pharmacy have worked with local communities for over 20 years and recognise the opportunity for its pharmacy network of 33 stores and over 300 employees to assist in raising awareness of the support and education programmes run by Aware.

The announcement was made today by Hickey’s Pharmacy Managing Director, Paddy Hickey and Aware Chief Executive Officer, Dominic Layden at Hickey’s Pharmacy Meath Street Dublin, which opened earlier this year.


In addition to Aware collection boxes in the 33 Hickey’s Pharmacy branches, the partnership will support a new programme developed by Aware. This new education programme is specifically aimed at relatives of, or individuals who care about, someone who is experiencing depression or bipolar disorder. This bespoke programme was designed when it was identified that there wasn’t such a programme available in Ireland, and that there was a lack of information and education available for relatives/loved ones. The programme aims to provide a deeper understanding of the impact of depression or bipolar disorder and crucially, to help relatives identify helpful options and actions that are available to them and to their loved one.

Commenting on the new partnership, Paddy Hickey, Managing Director of Hickey’s Pharmacy commented, “We’re very proud to partner with Aware who do such important work for communities in Ireland. We ourselves are very passionate about the role we play in serving local communities and acknowledge the invaluable support and advice Aware provide. Our Pharmacists, Store Managers and all our trained healthcare team are very supportive of this partnership as I’m sure our customers will be. Positive wellbeing is such an important subject with so many affected in some way. We look forward to helping increase awareness of the programmes and support Aware deliver, along with raising much needed funds.”

Dominic Layden, Chief Executive Officer at Aware said: “Since Aware was established in 1985, relative support has been an integral part of our service offering. Depression and bipolar disorder not only impact the person experiencing the condition, but also the wider family. We felt it was important to continue to expand our services in this area and equip people with the tools to care for themselves, as well as the loved one they are supporting. We are delighted that Hickey’s Pharmacy has chosen Aware as their charity partner for 2017/2018. Their generous support will allow us to further extend the Relatives & Friends programme to communities nationwide, and contribute towards other support, education and information services. Essential services that have a profound impact on families throughout Ireland and make a real difference in the lives of all those affected by depression and bipolar disorder.”

About Aware

Aware is the national organisation providing support, education and information services around depression and bipolar disorder. Founded in 1985 the organisation developed in response to the clear need for information, understanding and support, both for individuals with a diagnosis of depression or bipolar as well as family members supporting a loved one. For more information, please visit aware.ie