21 Jan 2020

Boost Your Immune System

Feeling under the weather can have a big impact on you. If you want to try and avoid developing the common cold, the flu or another illness, it pays to think about how you can boost your immune system. Having a good diet, exercising, not smoking, limiting how much alcohol you consume and making sure you get a good night’s sleep will help, however, you may also want to consider using vitamins and supplements to give your immune system that extra boost.

Although vitamins and minerals may not cure the flu - they help build up and maintain the immune system, reducing the risk of contracting the flu virus.

Vitamin D

Being low in Vitamin D has been shown to weaken the immune system and make you more susceptible to infection. Vitamin D is found in food, but only in small amounts. The main source of vitamin D is from the sun. However, you can’t get the right amounts of vitamin D from your diet alone and in the winter months, it’s impossible to get enough of it from the winter sun.

We recommend Meda Vitamin D3 2000IU which is a daily dose that provides the optimum dose to maintain healthy levels in our body. We suggest you make it part of your daily routine and have it with your breakfast or lunch every day.

Kelkin Vit C + Zinc

Zinc & vitamin C have a number of important roles within the body. Zinc & vitamin C can both contribute to the normal functioning of your immune system while also contributing to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. Vitamin C is also important for normal collagen formation for the normal function of blood vessels, whilst zinc is important for normal cognitive function.


Echinacea is a natural plant-based herbal remedy which helps fight the symptoms of the cold and flu. Like other vitamins and minerals, it supports the immune system to help prevent the cold and flu and most studies suggest that taking echinacea during a cold or flu, can reduce the severity of and duration of your symptoms.


Lemlift Immune Support is a range of food supplements specially designed to help support your immune system. Containing vitamin C (which helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue) and zinc (an essential trace element that is vital for several biological functions in the body), Lemlift Immune Support is available in a chewable and effervescent form, plus you can choose from two flavours (lemon or orange).

To find out more about our immune-boosting vitamin and supplement range, speak to a member of our team. Find your local Hickey’s Pharmacy here.