29 Aug 2018

Back to School

It’s almost September, which means Back to School time and the weather beginning to change. At Hickey’s Pharmacy we have everything you need to keep the whole house healthy throughout the school year.

Extra demands of school life can contribute to fatigue in children, we’re also entering flu season, so we recommend a general vitamin to keep energy up and to fight off colds quicker. Seven Seas Haliborange Softies are specifically designed with children in mind, containing 7 essentials vitamins, including vitamin C which supports the immune system and vitamin D which supports normal growth of bones, the vitamin is chewable, comes in orange and strawberry flavour making it easy for any age to take.


Hand Sanitizer is a must have in every bag to prevent spreading germs, Medicare Sanitizing Gel 85ml is the perfect on the go size and kills germs to prevent colds being passed.

Head Lice are another certainty during term time, if someone in your home gets lice there are several different products which can be used such as Full Marks. The Full Marks range comes in a lotion which is applied to the head, left in for 10 minutes and washed out. The hair is then combed with a fine-tooth comb. Full Marks also comes in a spray in solution which works in the same way. Tea tree products such as Kelkin Tea Tree Shampoo can also be used regularly by the whole family.

For convenient removal of lice, we recommend the V. Comb Head Lice Treatment Device, the device works by removing sucking lice and eggs into the device which is then emptied. The device can be reused but it is recommended that you regularly change the cartridge which contains the lice.

For more information on children’s health conditions see here

If you have any queries about your child’s health at any time of the year, please speak to a member of the Hickey’s Pharmacy team.

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