12 Nov 2019

50,000 Patients Vaccinated in Hickey's Pharmacy

This winter marks the ninth season that our Pharmacists have been vaccinating patients in our pharmacies as part of the Seasonal Flu Vaccine Campaign.

From the outset Hickey’s Pharmacy recognised how important administering the flu vaccine was and each year we train all of our Pharmacists to deliver this vital service.

This week saw Hickey’s Pharmacy administer it’s 50,000th flu vaccine. Having reached this significant milestone, we spoke with Hickey’s Pharmacy Superintendent Pharmacist, Tom Concannon, about the flu vaccine and the increasing role of pharmacy in delivering healthcare services in local communities.

Who should get the vaccine?

Patients 10 years and over can be vaccinated in our pharmacies. It’s particularly important for those in at risk groups to be vaccinated. At risk groups include those:

  • 65 years of age and over

  • who are pregnant

  • with a long-term medical condition such as chronic liver disease, diabetes, heart or lung disease, moderate or severe asthma, COPD, cystic fibrosis, MS

  • being treated for cancer

  • with hereditary and degenerative disorders of the central nervous system

  • with down syndrome

  • whose immune system is impaired due to disease or treatment

  • who are Healthcare workers & carers

  • who are Residents of nursing homes and long stay institutions

  • with a body mass index (BMI) over 40

  • with regular close contact with poultry, water fowl or pigs

It’s also important to remember that by getting vaccinated, you’re not just protecting your health – but also those around you. By vaccinating yourself, you are less likely to transmit influenza to others.

I got the flu vaccine last year, why do I need to get it again this year?

It’s very important that patients are vaccinated each year. One of the main reasons for this is that the flu virus is constantly changing. This year, the seasonal flu vaccine protects against the 4 strains of flu virus as recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). These are the strains most likely to be circulating this season.

Do I need to make an appointment?

At Hickey’s Pharmacy, all 37 locations offer a walk in service and no appointment is needed. We recognise that making the service as accessible as possible is important. With our extended opening hours, patients can visit their local Hickey’s Pharmacy at a time that is convenient for them.

What other services are available at Hickey’s?

As the demands on GP services have intensified, we have responded by adding services such as blood pressure monitoring, diabetes & cholesterol screening and the Rapid Sore Throat service where we test for Strep A. In addition to the flu vaccination, our Pharmacists are also trained to administer the Shingles and Pneumonia vaccines. We recently expanded our vaccination and injection services to include administering travel vaccines and B12 injections. We also have Fertility Pharmacists with expert knowledge in the area of fertility and fertility treatment - many of our pharmacies can also provide an injection administration service for certain fertility treatments.

As our pharmacies have a private consultation room, all these services can be performed in the privacy of these rooms.