Success Stories


IPA Young Community Pharmacist of the Year 2017

Our Supervising Pharmacist, Hickey's Grafton Street. Sarah was awarded the accolade of 'Young Community Pharmacist of the Year 2017' at the Irish Pharmacy Awards (IPA), on Saturday the 20th May 2017, at the Clayton Hotel Dublin 4.

The Young Community Pharmacist of the Year Award recognises rising talent amongst those individuals, whom in the early stages of their pharmacy careers, are already demonstrating that they can make a difference to the pharmacy profession, the companies they work within, and the communities they serve. 

Sarah began her career with Hickey’s as a Pharmacy Intern. Once qualified, she took a relief pharmacist role with the company for a short period, until a support role in Grafton Street became available. Sarah excelled in the role and once she was three years qualified took over the Supervising Pharmacist position. Sarah abilities shined through in October 2016, when her quick-thinking actions saved a 17-year-old girl from anaphylactic shock, after being exposed to a product containing nuts.  Sarah administered two adrenaline pens to the girl, after she presented with the symptoms of anaphylactic shock including a rash and swollen lips. Sarah used the media attantion to educate other severe allergy sufferers to carry adrenaline pens. Additionally Sarah has spoken to groups of pharmacists and pharmacy students about the experience in dealing with a patient in anaphylaxis.


IPA Community Pharmacy Team of the Year 2017

Our team in Fortunestown, Tallaght were Finalist’s  in Community Pharmacy Team of the Year 2017 at Irish Pharmacy Awards , on Saturday 20th May 2017, at Clayton Hotel Dublin 4.

Our team were shortlisted for this award for  their constant support and involvement in the community that they tirelessly serve. They strongly believe in providing a holistic service to patients, which includes so much more than simply issuing medication and provides a stable support network for their community.  Our team at Hickeys Fortunestown work harmoniously. Each and every member of the team knows both their own roles and responsibilities as well as those of their team members allowing the team to work in complete synergy. Everyone works extremely hard to achieve the common goal of providing expert medical healthcare to their community in Tallaght, and they do so with a smile on their face no matter what challenges they may face. They are an extremely friendly, welcoming  team, who always put the patient and the community at the centre of every healthcare scenario; for example, providing medication and patient counselling, offering clinical services and promotion of public health. The team have helped so many people in the various stages of their lives.

 “We love supporting our community through different projects and will continue to do so for many years to come through a focused and unified approach. We aim for excellence in quality of care through innovation, and support our community to prevent illness and disease”  The Tallaght Team.


Retail Excellence Ireland Best National Pharmacy of the year 2016

Our team in Ballincollig ,Cork won the prestigious Retail Excellence Ireland Award for the Best National Pharmacy of the year in 2016 . This award ceremony  is  the largest, most prestigious and recognised event in the Irish Retail Industry calendar. The objective of the awards is to recognise and reward retail stores, companies, websites, individuals and suppliers who deliver exemplary standards within the Irish retail industry. Being part of and winning this award inspired and encourage team members to work together to deliver the ultimate experience to our  customers and consequently drive business sales and success.



IPA Community Pharmacy Team of the Year Award 2015

Our team in Gorey, Wexford were the 2015 Irish Pharmacy Award Winners for Community Pharmacy of the year   The accomplishments of the team in Gorey have been inspirational to our other branches and demonstrates what can be achieved when a team is motivated and energised to succeed. The team clearly demonstrated that pharmacies can compete successfully by offering the best service to their customers. By focussing on customer service and a high level of training the team have consistently exceeded their objectives for the store, despite increased competition in the area.


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