Our Story


Hickey's Pharmacies was founded in 1995, when the Group’s Managing Director, Paddy Hickey, opened his first store in Northside Shopping Centre. Since then, the Hickey’s Pharmacies Group has grown, and has expanded its range of services in response to changing needs.

Today, the Group currently employs over 300 people in 33 branches throughout the country. We have twenty pharmacies serving the greater Dublin area, four in Meath, three in Louth, two in Kildare, one in Wexford and thee in Cork. Our annual sales exceed €50 million. Over the coming years, we plan to further extend our branch network, by opening new outlets or through acquisition.

Hickey’s Pharmacies today play a vital and integral role in the communities they serve, working alongside GPs and other healthcare professionals. We have welcomed the shift in the focus of national healthcare policy towards primary care, and have responded by adding services such as blood pressure monitoring, diabetes screening, the administration of flu vaccines, and other minor medical procedures to our portfolio. We envisage playing an increasingly active role in the provision of healthcare in the future, as the demands on GP services intensify.